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Videos Winter 2018

The Aliki Initiative

Personalized medicine. Individualized medicine. It's the notion that diagnostic and treatment decisions must be tailored to a person's unique biological make-up, potentially even to the person's genetic code. For the past 10 years, the Aliki Initiative at Johns Hopkins has been teaching young doctors that it also involves tailoring decisions to a person's individual life circumstances.

Errol Bush on Lung Cancer Treatments

Thoracic surgeon Errol Bush discusses what surgical options are available for lung cancer patients, the recovery and aesthetic benefits of minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer, and when it’s appropriate and why it’s important to be treated at a comprehensive cancer center, such as the Johns Hopkins Lung Cancer Program.

The 125th Anniversary of Johns Hopkins Hospital

In 2014, At a 125th anniversary celebration of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Ronald R. Peterson, then president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine, commemorated the founding of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and noted some of the more recent milestones.

Redonda Miller: 11th President of The Johns Hopkins Hospital

On the eve of becoming the 11th president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Redonda Miller tells what she loves most about Hopkins and what has kept her here.