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Videos Spring/Summer 2015

It’s a Match

3, 2, 1, match! After years of schooling, applications and interviews, Johns Hopkins fourth-year medical students learned where they will begin their residency programs this summer. Students gathered with their family members, friends and mentors for a brief program, a toast and a dramatic countdown to open their envelopes and learn where they would spend the next stage of training.

More Than Medicine | Paula Neira (Nurse Educator)

Paula Neira, nurse educator, lawyer and, former naval officer, knows how to get things done. She is a passionate advocate in the mission to help care providers better meet the health care needs of today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients.


Building a New Biocontainment Unit

A new, state-of-the-art Biocontainment Unit was constructed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital to safely treat adult and pediatric patients with Ebola virus disease and other highly infectious diseases. When the unit does not have patients, it will be used for education, training and research on infectious diseases.

Biocontainment Unit Virtual Tour

The new, state-of-the-art Biocontainment Unit at The Johns Hopkins Hospital is prepared to safely care for adult and pediatric patients with highly infectious diseases, without compromising the health and safety of other patients, families and care teams. The 7,900-square-foot unit includes three patient rooms, an on-site laboratory, capability to perform routine surgical procedures as well as showers and clean-in/clean-out anterooms for health care providers. The unit’s ventilation system is separate from the rest of the hospital and two pass-through autoclaves allow for the safe and effective handling of highly infectious medical waste.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Aliki Initiative

The Aliki Initiative, launched by the Center for Innovative Medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview in 2007, is a novel curriculum for patient-centered care for internal medicine residents and medical students.