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Videos Fall 2015

Tomorrow’s Discoveries

Find out how Johns Hopkins’ leading biomedical researchers are building hope for a better tomorrow, as they describe their current work in the lab.

Charting a Course Outside the Academy

Amy Anderson, a Ph.D. candidate with the Cellular and Molecular Medicine graduate program, talks about her internship with MedImmune LLC. Anderson was selected for this internship through the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Biomedical Careers Initiative (BCI).


Comfort on the Menu in the ICU

At a 125th anniversary celebration of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Rhonda Wyskiel, senior innovation lead for the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, shares what patient- and family-centered care means to her as a nurse at Johns Hopkins.

Treating Eating Disorders at Johns Hopkins

At Johns Hopkins, treatment for eating disorders occurs in a variety of settings: inpatient, partial hospitalization, off-campus residence and outpatient clinic. Program directors explain how the team uses a behavioral approach to intervention, treatment and recovery; the role of parents in treating young people; and how to think about being ready.

Saving Muriel