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Circling the Dome

An ‘Amazing Group of Women’

The website profiles 31 women leaders, including, clockwise from top left, Barbara Fivush, Annette Donawa, Mary Myers, Janice Clements, Karen Horton and Tina Cheng.

Women have always played a crucial role in advancing scientific research, clinical care and medical education at Johns Hopkins. Now a new website——highlights some of the many women who are helping to lead the institution forward.

The website features profiles of 31 leaders across Johns Hopkins Medicine. Visitors will learn what drew these women to the institution, what motivates them in their work, their proudest accomplishments and their advice for other women aspiring to lead. The site includes links to important resources, including the Office of Women in Science and Medicine, the Task Force on Women’s Academic Careers in Medicine, and a timeline tracing the history of our more than 250 female professors.

“These profiles underscore our continuing commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce,” Dean/CEO Paul Rothman wrote in a message to faculty and staff announcing the website launch in February. “We want to share our pride in this amazing group of women.”

Regardless of gender, many will find the career advice especially helpful. For example, Redonda Miller, president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, shared the following advice: “First, let others know about your career aspirations. People in positions of leadership can help provide opportunities for you, but only if they know what your career interests and goals are. Second, when opportunities arise, be sure to say yes to new projects and to apply for new positions, even if you are anxious about your abilities or lack confidence. Push yourself past your comfort zone and toward your goals.”