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Circling the Dome

A Dragon That Brings Joy

Hospital-based internist Timothy Niessen was skeptical about using Dragon Medical One, a new transcription service rolled out last November for prescribers across Johns Hopkins Medicine.

He had tried other voice recognition tools, he says, but found they didn’t save time because he had to go back into the medical record to fix misspelled words. Dragon is better, says Niessen. “This thing is just so good at getting the jargon right,” he says. All he has to do is speak into a microphone downloaded onto his phone, and Dragon transcribes in the Epic electronic medical records system in real time.

Indeed, early reviews have been positive for the new tool, introduced as part of the Joy at Johns Hopkins Medicine initiative. Patients and families like it, says Niessen, because they can listen as the doctor dictates clinic notes that are then instantly available in their MyChart portal. And providers benefit from a streamlined alternative to keyboarding or waiting for a transcription service. It also reduces the time doctors spend adding and editing them—time that might otherwise be required during evenings and weekends.

“Dragon Medical One in Epic permits real-time, quality transcription,” says internist Joseph Cofrancesco Jr. “I can close my note after seeing a patient and not have this hanging over me.”