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Circling the Dome

Partnering with Kaiser

two doctors putting bandaids on head

Illustration by Martin Leon Barreto

Johns Hopkins Medicine will strengthen its existing collaboration with Kaiser Permanente under a new agreement announced in late July, which is aimed at expanding ways to deliver quality care to patients. Efforts between the insurer—which operates its own medical centers—and Johns Hopkins will initially focus on:

• Sharing best practices and leveraging electronic medical records to accommodate the growing need among providers and patients to access clinical information quickly and efficiently.

• Strengthening the relationship between Kaiser Permanente and Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, by combining their collective expertise to create an advanced model of care.

• Bringing care into the home to meet the evolving needs of patients by exploring and leveraging technology to deliver personalized medicine.

• Building on the existing collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins’ Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality to advance the patient experience and improve treatment outcomes while reducing costs.

• Pursuing opportunities to develop educational programs and research-based best practices that benefit the overall health of the people in the community.