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Spring/Summer 2012

Credit Where It's Due

Date: May 14, 2012

Thank you very much for your announcement of my appointment as the new Director of the Institute for Cell Engineering (ICE) in the Winter 2012 issue of Hopkins Medicine [Alpha Docs, p. 8]. I am writing to [correct] a couple of mistakes.

Professor Rajini Rao is the director of the graduate program in cellular and molecular medicine, and Professor Denis Wirtz is the director of the interdisciplinary graduate training program in nanotechnology for biology and medicine. I am just a participating faculty member of both programs. Rajini and her predecessors and Denis deserve all the credit for these two graduate programs.

Ted M. Dawson, MD, PhD
Director, Institute for Cell Engineering
Director, Morris K. Udall Parkinson's
Disease Research Center
Leonard and Madlyn Abramson  Professor in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Professor, Departments of Neurology  and Neuroscience