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Fall 2011

Hospitalists who need help

Date: October 3, 2011

I am writing regarding the informative article in the Winter 2011 edition, “Hospitalists at the Helm,” page 26.

As a layperson, it was good to learn the purpose of this specialty. Last winter, I was a patient several times at a medical center in Oregon. Although I consider this to be an outstanding hospital, my experiences with three different hospitalists were not positive. I finally asked my cardiologist if the purpose of the hospitalist was to tell the patient what they thought their doctor was doing wrong, to change their medications, and to alarm the patient by describing the most extreme measures that might be required to treat the patient. On one occasion, the hospitalist introduced a new medicine the night before I was to be discharged. As a result of this single pill’s effect, I was kept in the hospital four more days.

It is good to know, and not surprising, that the hospitalists at Johns Hopkins are so effective. Hopefully, as more is learned about how to implement the program, improvement will be seen across the country.

Barbara Topper,
Peabody ’64, MM ’68

Medford, OR