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Winter 2014


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  • Epilepsy patients are lending a hand-and their heads-to advance the development of neurally controlled prosthetics.
  • Justin Hanes and others are packaging drugs at the nanoscale to reach places in the body that were once out of reach.

Resident Education

  • Home visits and a team care approach are just the start for Johns Hopkins internal medicine residents, who are gaining the skills they need to better manage chronic illness-and keep patients out of the hospital.
  • Have restrictions on resident work hours gone too far, "compressing" intern training time and imperiling the educational mission?
  • A new initiative is pushing residents to "choose wisely" when ordering procedures, with the goal of boosting patient safety and saving money.


Circling the Dome

Alpha Docs

Medical Rounds

Hopkins Reader

Class Notes

In Memoriam


  • From small-town Mississippi sprang a successful surgeon who has endowed a scholarship fund to support Hopkins medical students.


  • Society's changing needs call for more leadership in primary care.

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