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HeadWay - Headway Fall 2009

Headway Fall 2009


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CSF Leaks

  • Doug Reh hopes that by studying CSF leaks and working with neurologists and neurosurgeons, physicians can better treat the condition. "Historically, repairs for spontaneous CSF leaks have had a worse track record than leaks caused by accidents or trauma."

Cochlear Research

  • Paul Fuchs and Elisabeth Glowatzki have spent years mapping the pathways of bodily senses like sight and smell. The hope is to one day produce drug or gene therapies that might get at the root causes of hearing deficits.

Facial Plastic Surgery and Reanimation

  • Appearance is a top concern for patients undergoing facial surgery, particularly facial reanimation. "There are 39 muscles that coordinate bilaterally to express the whole of human emotion," says facial plastic surgeon Patrick Byrne. "Trying to coax out of someone's injured face the ability to integrate fairly well into social situations is difficult."

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