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HeadLines - Happy To Be Able To Breathe

Summer 2010

Happy To Be Able To Breathe

Date: June 14, 2010

When the Frederick, Md., resident developed severe sinus symptoms, a local otolaryngologist dismissed the problem as “nothing.” A second physician found a benign tumor blocking her sinuses, but performed an operation that failed to remove the entire mass. Eventually, Diane and her husband, Criss, wound up at Hopkins and in the hands of sinus specialist Andrew Lane.

“He took one look at my wife and said, ‘Oh, I can fix that,’ and he did,” recalls Criss Tarr, an infectious disease specialist with the National Institutes of Health. Lane scheduled Diane for the surgery, and within two weeks he had performed the procedure and the tumor was gone.

Now, two years after her operation, life is back to normal, other than the periodic check-up.

“It’s been, overall, a very pleasant experience,” she says.

So much so that the Tarrs—who’ve routinely relied on Johns Hopkins for medical care in the past—decided to express their gratitude with something more than words. And so, hoping to make the biggest impact with what they had, the couple decided to make an estate gift, bequeathing a significant portion of their assets to support the work and research of two Johns Hopkins physicians, including Lane.

Estate gifts are among the most common methods of giving used by Johns Hopkins donors. Would-be philanthropists who may not be prepared to give large sums right away, or whose assets are tied up in personal property—such as land, homes or art—often find estate gifts to be the most practical means of supporting the institution while providing the maximum benefit.

“We did some research, and we found what he’s doing very interesting and worthwhile,” Criss Tarr says of Lane’s work studying the immunology of chronic sinusitis. “He was such a skilled physician. The medical care he provided was excellent.” 

For more information about gift planning at Johns Hopkins, please contact the
Office of Gift Planning at 800-548-1268.

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