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Fundamentals November 2019

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Video of the Month: Mini Slimers

Watch: Ectoplasmic residue! Our mini Slimers have their own version of the gooey ghostly substance. Amoebae like, they use structures similar to feet — called pseudopods — to move around. When they extend a pseudopod, it fills up with ectoplasm, giving them the structure and strength to drag themselves toward food or away from danger.


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Newsroom highlights for November 2019

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Faculty highlights for November 2019

Fundamentals November 2019

Q&A — The Next Generation of Scientific Researchers

The Summer Academic Research Experience (SARE) gives high school students from low-income and diverse backgrounds an opportunity to participate in biomedical research, providing them with a pathway into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Three SARE scholars share their thoughts on barriers to STEM and the importance of programs like SARE.

Fundamentals November 2019

Image of the Month: Snakes and Stones

Some therapies for vision-threatening diseases require a drug injection to the eye as frequently as every four weeks. Ouch! By replacing disease-causing genes in the eye, ophthalmologist Peter Campochiaro hopes to develop more permanent treatments for macular degeneration.

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