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January/February 2019 Dome

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Meet the Neurosurgeon Behind a Safer Super Bowl

Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Nicholas Theodore heads the committee advising the NFL on health and safety initiatives.

January/February 2019 Dome

Growing Demand Spurs New Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics

The Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network continues to grow across the Baltimore and Washington regions, with annual volumes of 100,000 patients or more anticipated.

A Showcase for Digital Health at Johns Hopkins

Workshops and a pitch competition mark the second annual event devoted to innovations in software technology.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Dragon Medical One

The voice recognition tool is now available to Johns Hopkins Medicine providers.

Hopkins History Moments

Neil A. Grauer explains how Hopkins expertise helped prevent seasickness.

January/February 2019 Dome

New Website Showcases Women Leaders Across Johns Hopkins Medicine

The site features short biographies of 31 leaders across Johns Hopkins Medicine. Visitors can learn what drew the women to the institution, what keeps them here, their proudest accomplishments and their advice for women aspiring to lead.

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