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Dome November/December 2018

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Dome November/December 2018

A Bright New Start for Transgender Health

Johns Hopkins offers gender affirming surgeries and other specialized services after a 38-year hiatus.

Dome November/December 2018

The Joy of Being Yourself

The Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health has provided gender affirming surgeries that changed the lives of about 150 people. Here are the stories of three of them.

Dome November/December 2018

Helping Transgender Children and Youth

A new clinic at the Johns Hopkins Children Center supports transgender and non-binary youth.

Dome November/December 2018

School-Based Telemedicine Helps Kids — and Parents — Stay on Track

Howard County General Hospital, the Howard County Health Department and six county elementary schools are using internet technology to change the way kids get urgent school-based health care.

Dome November/December 2018

Creating a Senior Brain Trust

The Academy at Johns Hopkins allows retired faculty members at the schools of medicine, nursing and public health to continue academic and scholarly pursuits.

Dome November/December 2018

New Well-Being Office Plans to Make Hopkins Easier

Johns Hopkins Medicine has created an Office of Well-Being aimed at removing the barriers to a productive, joyful and healthful workplace.

Dome November/December 2018

Physicians and Care Teams Honored

The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians celebrates the 2018 winners of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards for Physicians and Care Teams.

Dome November/December 2018

‘Innovation 2023’

The new road map for Johns Hopkins Medicine aims to deliver the best in patient care, education and research.

Dome November/December 2018

Community Health Partnership Results: Better, Less-Expensive Health Care

A four-year study designed to reduce hospital readmissions and improve preventive care among people at high risk for hospitalization saved Medicare and Medicaid a combined $113 million.

Dome November/December 2018

The Many Faces of Empathy

This first installment in a series on compassionate interactions with patients features Queen Stewart, Jeremy Epstein and Katrina Smith.

Dome November/December 2018

Alzheimer’s Disease: Frustration and Hope

While Johns Hopkins clinicians help patients with Alzheimer's disease maximize quality of life, researchers are gaining insights that could lead to better treatment.

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