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Dome May/June 2018

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Dome May/June 2018

Zebrafish in Prescott Lab Work to Knock Out Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid surgeon Jason Prescott says his research is aimed at putting himself out of the surgery business.

Dome May/June 2018

Mumm Lab Focuses on Regenerative Eye Research

Jeff Mumm is taking the ability of zebrafish to repair their retinas and applying it to humans. His goal: restoring vision to people with degenerative blindness.

Dome May/June 2018

McCallion Lab Studies the Genetics of Disease

Andy McCallion was among the first scientists in the world to work with zebrafish to learn the origins of a wide range of human disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, addiction, schizophrenia, epilepsy and common structural heart anomalies.

Dome May/June 2018

Hopkins History Moments

Neil A. Grauer tells the story of the Johns Hopkins researcher who coined the term “biological clock.”

Dome May/June 2018

Five Ways Exercise Is Even Healthier Than You Thought

As doctors research the medicinal nature of exercise, they discover new reasons to break a sweat.

Dome May/June 2018

If a Hiker Falls in the Woods … Would You Know What to Do?

Austere medicine course teaches Johns Hopkins students how to treat injuries and illness when medical resources are scarce.

Dome May/June 2018

Medical Illustration Exhibit Showcases Students’ Talent

For the 34th straight year, graduate students from the storied Department of Art As Applied to Medicine share their portfolios.

Dome May/June 2018

‘Live from The Johns Hopkins Hospital, welcome to pathCast’

Using social media, two pathologists are sharing important knowledge with colleagues around the globe. And it’s free.

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