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April 2016

Putting the Pieces Together

Center for Addiction and Pregnancy treats the children of mothers who took drugs while pregnant.

April 2016

Collaboration Between Johns Hopkins University and MedImmune

Joint training program will prepare Johns Hopkins graduate students for careers in biopharma and biomedicine.

April 2016

Portraits of Determination

Employee wellness programs offer health education and support.

April 2016

Advances in Mind Control

Johns Hopkins researchers enable a patient to move prosthetic fingers by using brain-implanted electrodes activated by thought.

April 2016

#TimeForBaltimore: Hearts and Soles

Art director Abby Ferretti runs and cycles to help others.

April 2016

Modeling a Culture of Caring

How one patient experience coach champions empathy.

April 2016

In Brief: April 2016

Social Innovation Lab Event, Summer Best Dressed Sale

April 2016

Stages of Acceptance

Johns Hopkins palliative care doctor Madeline Leong tackles big issues in her new play, Life Support.

April 2016

Back to the Future

New laboratory for neurosurgery and biomedical engineering brings research partnerships.

April 2016

Who/What: April 2016

Rexford Ahima, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally renowned endocrinologist, has been appointed the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Diabetes. He is among April’s featured employees.

Chief Perspectives

April 2016

Teaching Patient- and Family-Centered Care

21st Century Medicine That Is Respectful and Compassionate

Picture This

April 2016

Match Madness

On March 18, 105 Johns Hopkins fourth-year medical students learned where they will begin their residency programs.

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