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September 2011

A workplace connection

Date: September 16, 2011

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With staff retirement and benefits facing adjustments, new initiatives prompting better ways of doing business, and myriad other changes taking place around the institution, Johns Hopkins Medicine once again looked to the annual employee engagement survey to measure how well  employees are connected  to the workplace.

More than 17,200 employees representing eight Hopkins Medicine member organizations took the 2011 survey in June, for a 63 percent response rate. The voluntary, confidential, 27-point survey, administered by Gallup, includes a core set of statements, the Q12, to which participants respond on a scale of one to five with how much they agree. The results were largely unchanged from the previous year.

Hopkins Medicine’s grand mean score for the Q12 increased slightly to 3.84. The engagement ratio is 2.79:1, which indicates that there are less than three engaged employees for every one disengaged. A 4.0:1 is desired for health care organizations.

Managers are to review their teams’ results with employees and implement action plans to improve the workplace. See your manager for your department and organization’s complete results.