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March 2011

The Hopkins difference

Date: March 4, 2011

The Promise of Medicine word mark

Introduced in July 2010 in advertising and communications concerning our annual ##1 ranking with U.S. News & World Report, The Promise of Medicine expression was developed around four attributes. Think of them as pillars of the JHM brand—hope, innovation, human connection, and collaboration. These were identified and defined through extensive conversations with our scientists, clinicians, patients, staff and other constituents on what they value most about our way of working, discovering, caring, teaching and learning. 

“It’s essential that more people around the nation and world understand what’s different about Hopkins,” says Dalal Haldeman, JHM vice president of marketing and communications. “From its inception more than 120 years ago, Johns Hopkins has stood for the promise of its namesake founder, a promise to tie together unmatched scientific discovery, advanced clinical care and  exemplary medical education in service to human health and well-being, to never stop searching for better answers, better treatments and better ways of caring.”

The Promise of Medicine, Haldeman explains, is our way of saying that patients who choose to come here can expect the most innovative, collaborative and compassionate care available. “And that our physicians, researchers, residents, fellows, nurses, employees and students can expect unmatched opportunities for discovery, learning and collaboration,” she adds.

Before we premiered the statement last summer, it was tested with several consumer groups nationally, and the feedback was impressive and positive. Responses included:

  • They bring both the potential of the science and the medicine . . . and the promise that those caring for you will do everything in their power.
  • The tradition comes across very strong.

Last month, new audiences beyond our walls and local community will see and hear communication and advertising for Johns Hopkins Medicine that expands and extends last summer’s Promise of Medicine campaign. The initial messages will feature the overall brand promise, but also highlight clinical innovations in neurosurgery and cancer surgery. The ads are designed to position Hopkins Medicine as the preferred destination for such care and will appear in Web, print, radio and television venues both nationally and across eight states along the East Coast.

You can learn more about The Promise of Medicine and watch or listen to upcoming advertisements at