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Dome - Larger than a football field?

February 2011

Larger than a football field?

Date: February 7, 2011

Football on football field

Interesting facts about the new clinical buildings


  • 560 private rooms  
  • $994 million construction project
  • Located on a 5-acre site
  • Lower floors are nearly 3 acres each or 130,680 square feet per floor
  • Main entrance is larger than a football field

Operating rooms

  • 33 new state-of-the-art operating rooms in total
  • 14 neurosurgery/general surgery
  • 10 pediatrics
  • 6 cardiac
  • 3 obstetrics
  • Adult and pediatric prep and recovery

Construction materials

  • Over 12,500 tons of structural steel
  • 44,500 cubic yards of new concrete  
  • 322 miles of electrical  and cabling conduit—enough to make a round trip from Baltimore to Ocean City
  • Over 4,000 plumbing fixtures
  • 3.5 million pounds of sheet metal in the ductwork for heating, venting and air conditioning systems
  • 244,000 square feet of glass window walls and exterior windows, including
  • 1,423 curtain wall panels weighing up to 1,800 pounds each

All of the buildings and facilities at Johns Hopkins Medicine add up to about 4,169,470 square feet. How many square feet is the new building?

1 million
1.4 million
1.6 million

It takes many different tradesmen to build our new space. During peak construction, how many people were working on the site daily?

Too many to count

How many beds will the new building have?


To construct the new building, we’re using about 1,379 miles of copper wire. This is enough to stretch from:

Baltimore and Miami
Baltimore to Los Angeles
Baltimore to New York

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