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Dome - A Concerted Effort

Dome October 2013 VOL 64
Issue No. 8

A Concerted Effort

Date: October 1, 2013

Hatim Abbadi, embassy relations administrator (JHI).
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Hatim Abbadi, embassy relations administrator (JHI).

A team of frontline staff from Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Johns Hopkins Home Care Group work together to ensure that international patients have the medical supplies and services they need before and after hospitalization and prior to their return home. Here are some of those employees.

Johns Hopkins Medicine International

Hatim Abbadi, embassy relations administrator (JHI).
In many Middle Eastern countries, the national governments fund medical treatment and their embassies function as do insurance companies in the U.S.—reviewing and authorizing care decisions. JHI’s embassy relations group serves as liaison between clinical staff and embassies—updating them about their patients and obtaining approvals in a timely manner.

Angela Kohli, M.S.N., R.N., care management administrator (JHI).
JHI’s care management team monitors international inpatients and coordinates inpatient care and timely discharges—working with clinical staff and Home Care to efficiently line up necessary services.

Ermeen Marcos, international care coordinator (JHI).
International care coordinators are the liaison between the patient and the rest of Johns Hopkins. They accompany patients to all appointments, educate them about care at Johns Hopkins, provide interpretation as necessary and connect patients and their families with any resources they need during their visit.

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

Administrator Johns Hopkins, international relationship manager (JHHCG).
Mr. Hopkins works with JHI staff to fulfill outpatient medical needs for international patients including pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment, in-home skilled nursing (including IV therapy) and private duty support services.

Lubna Kousa, Pharm. D., pharmacist and clinical coordinator (JHHCG).
Home Care hired an Arabic-speaking pharmacist so that Middle Eastern patients can directly share concerns or ask questions about prescriptions. She is developing a comprehensive medication review service for international patients. 

Lou Ann Rau, M.S., R.N., CWOCN, staff education specialist, wound/ostomy nurse (JHHCG).
A new service line, Home Support, meets the broader needs of international patients: from skilled private duty nursing to companionship, from medication compliance to escorting patients back to their home countries. Rau has escorted three patients back home. 

Sue Schauman, Pharmaquip’s purchasing agent (JHHCG).
Pharmaquip is tasked with fulfilling patients’ needs for home medical equipment and special order supplies. Schauman’s become a sleuth at uncovering alternatives for items not available in every country.

Dawn Workman, R.N., Home Support nurse (JHHCG).
Workman is one of several Home Care nurses dedicated to caring for international patients. She enjoys working with this population, especially the pediatric patients, for their consistent graciousness and appreciation.