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Dome - Boost Your Patient Safety Smarts

Dome November 2014

Boost Your Patient Safety Smarts

Date: November 6, 2014

Providing a culture of safety requires vigilance—and continuing education. To that end, the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality has introduced an online Patient Safety Certificate Program. Now available via, this self-paced program provides an overview of key concepts for any Johns Hopkins Medicine health care professional seeking to advance knowledge on patient safety and prevent harm. Concepts covered include patient safety culture, patient-centered care, sustaining change, strategies for identifying and mitigating hazards, and more. Participants are eligible for 18.5 continuing medical education credits upon completion of the program. The Armstrong Institute also offers a five-day in-person Patient Safety Certificate Program, designed for individuals with—or aspiring to—leadership roles in patient safety, quality improvement or risk management. Info: