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Dome November 2012

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Date: November 16, 2012


FOOD TRUCK EXTRAVAGANZA: On a recent, glorious fall day, thousands of employees, students and friends came out to support the Johns Hopkins 2012 United Way campaign’s inaugural Food Truck Frenzy. A fleet of trucks from various restaurants and vendors descended on the Broadway Circle and other campuses to offer a variety of foodstuffs, from taco burgers to cupcakes. Each vendor earmarked a portion of profits toward Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University’s United Way commitment. Among the food truck enthusiasts on hand that day were assistant human resources director Shawn Celio, center; school of medicine employee relations specialists Joan Johnson, left; and Kathi Dixon, right. All have supported the campaign for years. “It’s an absolutely fantastic partnership,” says Celio. “I make a donation and completely trust that it will be used in a meaningful way.” Adds Johnson, a 27-year Hopkins veteran, “I consider it very important to give to others, and with United Way, there are so many causes to choose from.” As one example, contributions can help to provide access to affordable, healthy food across Central Maryland. To pledge, visit