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Dome - Do You Have an Epic Question?


Do You Have an Epic Question?

Date: May 31, 2013


Q: Where can I go for more information about Epic?

A: Visit, a communications hub for the project. The project team also has a SharePoint site with timelines and governance structures and other project details, here

Q: Can I use Epic on my iPad or iPhone?

A: Yes, Epic can be used on the iPhone for tasks like e-prescribing and charge capture and on the iPad for patient photo capture or viewing results. For a complete list of features, see Canto (for iPad app) and Haiku (for iPhone app). Epic is also available on the Droid.

Q: How is data entered into Epic for new/non-Johns Hopkins patients?

A: When new patients come to Johns Hopkins from a non-Epic institution, they may need to have their past medical records abstracted or scanned into Epic. This process is governed by clinical management and varies from site to site.

Q: Is there a glossary of terms?

A: Yes. Here is a partial list:

  •  SME:subject matter expert
  •  SER:Epic’s provider master file
  •  DEP:Epic’s master file of clinics or scheduling locations
  •  Epic applications: 
    1.  EpicCare Ambulatory: outpatient clinical documentation
    2. OpTime/Anesthesia: used for OR scheduling and   documentation