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Dome - A New Vision for Johns Hopkins Medicine


A New Vision for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Date: May 31, 2013

A difficult economic climate and severe changes in the health care industry are presenting Johns Hopkins Medicine with great challenges, opportunities for growth and new ways of conducting business.

To help guide the institution in the days ahead, JHM is adopting a more engaging vision statement to inspire employees’ commitment to Johns Hopkins’ tradition of cutting-edge research, innovative medical education and compassionate care. Replacing the current vision statement is a new vision that offers a clear, concise direction for employees, faculty members, physicians and trainees.

The mission and core values remain unchanged. Staff should familiarize themselves with these guiding principles and make them part of each day’s work.

In the former vision statement, JHM advocated a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters intellectual discovery, creates and transmits innovative knowledge, improves human health, and provides medical leadership to the world.  

The new, more streamlined vision statement calls on each member of JHM to move the organization forward. It reads,“Johns Hopkins Medicine pushes the boundaries of discovery, transforms health care, advances medical education and creates hope for humanity.”  And notes that, “Together, Johns Hopkins Medicine will deliver the promise of medicine.”

Our mission remains unchanged:to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care; by being diverse and inclusive; by educating medical students, scientists, health care professionals and the public; by conducting groundbreaking biomedical research; and by providing patient-centered medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness.

JHM’s core values continue to focus on excellence and discovery, leadership and integrity, diversity and inclusion, and respect and collegiality.