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Dome - A job well done

Dome May 2012

A job well done

Date: May 30, 2012

Staff member transporting a patient

This third and final installment in the series chronicling the move into the new towers is dedicated to all of the people who made it possible.

Over the course of April 29 and 30, 271 patients were moved from The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s historic buildings to The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center and the Sheikh Zayed Tower. The glimmering new clinical buildings opened on May 1—monuments to the innovation, compassion and raw determination embodied by our faculty and staff.

“From my perspective, the move was flawless,” says Karen Haller, vice president for nursing and patient care services at the hospital. “I was here on Sunday watching CSMC move, and on Monday I was with the neurointensive care unit move team. When patients’ families arrived on the units, they exuded confidence in the teams. And the patients waved and cheered with us. It was fun.” 

Many offered tender farewells to the crowded units, dark corridors and bilious color schemes they were leaving behind. While combing through old log books, photos and other memorabilia, they thought of lives saved and lost.

To some units, staff had collectively brought centuries of experience. For years, they had found innovative ways of coping with limited space, often becoming closer and more resourceful caregivers as a result.

For others, though, the move couldn’t come soon enough. While packing up the endoscopy suite in Blalock, Patricia Veal, materials manager in endoscopy, got right to the point: “Goodbye to this place. We outgrew it years ago.”

Finally, after years of meticulous planning and colossal effort, the day had come to occupy the blue-and-green hued towers built to nurture and advance the practice of medicine at Hopkins.

The photos and narrative you'll see in this issue, are a montage of moments large and small that capture the spirit of a monumental transition.

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