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Dome - Steps to a Better Workplace

Dome March 2015

Steps to a Better Workplace

Date: February 27, 2015

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Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Strategic Plan outlines the ins titution’s commitment to attract and retain a superior workforce while providing stellar patient- and family-centered care. To reinforce these priorities, the enterprise will administer three vital surveys over a consolidated time frame to assess employees’ satisfaction at work. Teams will use the results from the surveys to create action plans to improve their workplaces.

By participating in the surveys explained below, every staff member has the potential to enrich his or her work environment.

• Employee Engagement Survey (March 9 to March 29): Distributed to all employees of Johns Hopkins Medicine and The Johns Hopkins University, this survey includes questions on accountability, growth, respect and diversity. The survey is administered by the Gallup Organization, which will email an invitation to employees with a random survey access code that ensures confidentiality.

• Safety Culture Assessment (March 9 to April 10): Johns Hopkins Medicine care and support teams—including physicians, nurses, lab technicians, environmental services employees and transporters—will take the survey with roughly 30 questions. This survey gauges each unit’s and department’s culture of safety by asking questions about teamwork, perceptions of accountability, and handoffs and transitions across units.

• R.N. Satisfaction Survey (April 6 to April 26): Johns Hopkins Hospital registered nurses who provide direct patient care will participate in this National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators survey that will measure job satisfaction. Questions about professional development and leadership support are among the criteria assessed.

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