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Dome - Security Escorts

Dome March 2015

Security Escorts

Date: February 27, 2015

Corporate Security escorts
Photo by Keith Weller

Corporate Security wants to remind all Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty, students and staff on the East Baltimore campus and at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center that at any time of day or night, they can request Corporate Security escort services from a force that employs 550-plus officers. A uniformed officer will accompany employees to their cars or nearby destinations anywhere on campus. Over the past year, notes George Economas, senior director of security, parking and transportation, there’s been a slight increase in thefts and crimes of opportunity. He urges staff members not to use cellphones or other electronic devices while moving about and stresses the importance of staying in well-lit, nonisolated areas. To request a security escort or to report any suspicious activity, call 410-955-5585 (East Baltimore campus) or 410-550-0333 (Hopkins Bayview). To request a security escort at Sibley Memorial Hospital, call 202-537-4674; at Suburban Hospital, 301-896-2500; at Howard County General Hospital, 410-740-7911; and at All Children’s Hospital, 727-767-3300. Find more safety tips at