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Date: March 1, 2014

Kaden Foster

WELL-SCHOOLED: Kaden Foster, 6, shows his parents a paper he wrote about Martin Luther King Jr., posted outside his classroom at the Henderson-Hopkins school. The new K-8 East Baltimore school is run by The Johns Hopkins University School of Education in partnership with Morgan State University and Baltimore City Schools. Foster’s mother, Marlen, a Johns Hopkins Hospital human resources representative, and her husband, Keith, a trash technician in environmental services, learned that their son was accepted through a lottery admissions process to the school, which opened in January. Marlen grew up two blocks from the school, and the Fosters live six blocks away. “We needed something like this in the neighborhood,” says Marlen, who praises the school’s personalized approach to learning and free after-school activities. “These kids can feel special being part of a good environment, getting a great education and learning to become better members of society.” For more info on the school, visit