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Dome - Dome June 2012

Dome June 2012

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Edward D. Miller
from Dean/CEO Edward D. Miller, M.D.

Articles in this Issue

Cover Story

Leadership Speaks

Guiding Principles

  • Groups of care providers, researchers, educators, administrators and business experts join forces to help implement “mission imperatives” for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Constant Improvement

Collaborative Care

  • Throughout the Hopkins system, collaborations are forming to reduce readmissions from nursing homes.

Rule Sheet

  • Hopkins hurries to assist physicians and other prescribers in adhering to medication order guidelines.
  • Putting safety first, Johns Hopkins Medicine requires that all employees receive a flu vaccine.

Meeting the Challenge

  • A one-day conference honors Dean/CEO Edward Miller
  • Facing more rigorous standards of care, Johns Hopkins HealthCare reaches out to Hopkins providers for a solution.


  • A scholarship program designed to increase the diversity of medical students at the school of medicine has given rise to a class of leaders with a different worldview.

Ideas at Work

By the Book



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A great leader

Morris Offit, honorary member of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Board of Trustees and former chair of The Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees, reflects on the leadership of Ronald R. Peterson. View video.