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Dome - Piloxing into a New Year

Dome January/February 2015

Piloxing into a New Year

Date: January 7, 2015


Some employees at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center have embraced another fitness craze—piloxing. The hybrid workout combines the muscle toning of Pilates and the cardiovascular benefits of boxing and dance. Regulars at the low-impact 45-minute class at Johns Hopkins Bayview Fitness Center say the workout also improves stamina. “It’s not the same old thing you’d do at the gym,” says Melanie Haynes, right (wearing knee brace). The executive office assistant says piloxing has strengthened her muscles, particularly her biceps. Fitness instructor Nikki Donadio, center (squatting), says the class is “all about fun,” but the continuous kicking, punching and dancing improves circulation and can burn up to 800 calories a session. Adds Haynes, “The feeling of euphoria when you finish keeps you coming back.” Many fitness classes and fitness center discounts are available to Johns Hopkins Hospital or Johns Hopkins Health System employees through Wellnet wellness services.