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Dome January/February 2014

Picture This

Date: January 1, 2014

Will Standiford

An “Ahh”-Ha Moment At his Columbia, Md., practice, pediatrician Will Standiford demonstrates one way to ease anxiety during a youngster’s physical exam. A community physician since 1966, Standiford is among a host of mentors affiliated with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s clinical clerkship and the Children’s Center’s pediatric residency program. Since 2007, Johns Hopkins medical students rotate one day a week through various practices across Maryland, as do third-year pediatric residents during their community service rotation. Standiford says they witness a busy practice with eight pediatricians, two nurse practitioners and five staff members who work with insurance companies—“a great introduction to clinical medicine.” Because the office lacks an X-ray machine, students and residents first make a diagnosis of pneumonia the old-fashioned way: by listening and looking. “Here, everything is hands-on,” says Standiford, adding that he also benefits from the relationship with trainees. “They share interesting findings with me from infectious disease and physiology lectures and the Internet.”