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Dome - Epic Training: Accessible to Every User

Dome January 2013

Epic Training: Accessible to Every User

Date: January 4, 2013

Epic Training

In February, classroom training in the use of the Epic electronic medical record system begins for the first wave of employees in ambulatory settings across Johns Hopkins Medicine. A successful Epic launch depends on well-prepared, capable “end users” of the software system. That’s why it’s extremely important to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with learning and physical disabilities. 

A process for employees with disabilities who are seeking classroom and/or testing accommodations has been outlined in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) by the Epic training team, the Occupational Health Services (OHS) department and the Office of Workforce Diversity. Employees seeking modifications must submit their applications at least 30 days before the start of their first Epic course.  

Submissions to OHS must include a completed application form as well as supporting documentation—a dated letter from a health care provider, a dated evaluation or other approved official report—that specifies the nature of  the disability.

Applications will be reviewed for approval by OHS staff members in consultation with the ADA compliance specialist. Once appropriate accommodation has been identified and approved, requests will be forwarded to designated Epic instructors who are responsible for providing the required accommodations in classroom and testing settings.

—Stephanie Shapiro

Employees whose approved accommodations are not being met should immediately contact senior training manager Jeff Ostrow ( or 410-234-9150).  For more information and an application form, go to