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Dome - A Strong Support System

Dome April 2013

A Strong Support System

Date: April 15, 2013

Yasmin Jackson
JHOC patient service coordinator Yasmin Jackson is among about 300 super-users.
photo by Janet Anderson

Epic has gone live across hundreds of Johns Hopkins outpatient practices! As a certified medical assistant in a primary care clinic, you’ve just begun to use the new electronic medical record system to document patients’ vital signs. Before an early morning appointment, though, you have difficulty logging in to the system.

Fear not. A super-user (in a distinctive red polo shirt) awaits your request for help. As more than 600 ambulatory care settings across Johns Hopkins Medicine convert to Epic this year, a battalion of Epic super-users is available to answer questions about Epic, tackle problems and serve as a liaison between employees and project leaders. Nearly 300 super-users, for example, are providing JHCP practices with on-site and remote assistance as well as Epic-related updates and moral support.  

All super-users receive advanced training tailored to their primary role within a particular Epic workflow. Since many super-users are your colleagues, they’re not hard to find. As an example, super-user and practice administrator Kanitha Gibson stands ready to assist co-workers in the JHCP primary care clinic at Sibley Memorial Hospital. Gibson’s role assures the quality of documentation required by federal “meaningful use” standards.

“If an end-user forgets the proper procedure for checking in a patient, important demographic information will be missing,” Gibson says. “With a super-user present, the end-user’s problem will be corrected immediately.”

The super-user deployment is one part of an overall strategy for handling problems experienced by new Epic end-users throughout the Johns Hopkins Medicine rollout. If you are having difficulties logging in to the software system or entering information, contact your designated super-user first.

If the super-user isn’t available, you can call the Epic help desk at 410-614-EPIC (3742) at any time of day. You may also submit an electronic request within “Epic Hyperspace” by following either of these steps:

1. Within Hyperspace, click the Epic button*Help*Epic Help Desk.

2. On your My Johns Hopkins desktop page, go to MyApps and click the Epic Help Desk Button.

Both buttons will take you to a Web page, where you can enter your ticket information.

—Stephanie Shapiro