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Dome - Mohan Chellappa

December 2010

Mohan Chellappa

Date: December 1, 2010

Mohan Chellappa

Mohan Chellappa, President of Global Ventures for Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI)

Duties: Leads business development for JHI, a job that has included such initiatives as international consulting activities in health care, developing clinical care programs, implementing quality systems and using information technology.

Background: A surgeon by profession, Chellappa also holds an MBA degree. He pioneered laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery in Asia and has provided training in the procedure to surgeons in numerous Asian countries. A member of both the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the American College of Surgeons, he has extensive knowledge of Asian health care and medical systems in the Middle East. An Indian-American, he has been a leader in Hopkins International since 1997.

On the Malaysian venture: “We will be influencing the minds of medical students with our curriculum. If you get trained in a particular curriculum, you tend to think like the designers of the curriculum. This venture will have a long-lasting impact as the physicians we help to train then go on to influence the health care systems in their own communities.”

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