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March 2010


Date: March 2, 2010

Match Day

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Once again, the nation’s fourth-year medical students will continue the time-honored ritual of gathering and opening official letters on Match Day to learn which residencies are theirs. At noon sharp on March 18, excitement will peak as 118 soon-to-be physicians open envelopes to learn their fates for the next three to seven years. Specialty choices this year indicate a stronger interest in internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and family medicine than in recent years. “Match Day is another wonderful chance for our community to celebrate the accomplishments and potential of our students,” says Tom Koenig, associate dean for student affairs. “Wherever they match, we’ll be happy to consider them as one of our own.”

Suburban Cardio Care Soars

Since it opened in 2006, Suburban Hospital’s cardiothoracic unit has won accolades from patients and families because of a multifaceted approach to care, beginning with “acuity-adaptable” rooms. This means that if a patient’s condition worsens, the room—which includes a universal bed—will accommodate. There’s also ample space for additional medical equipment, like ventilators, dialysis machines and a balloon heart pump. “Typically,” says program director Melody Knapp, “when patients are transferred between units, there can be communication problems, transfer and progress delays, longer lengths of stay and frustration for patients and families. Our unit is ready for any situation, ensures continuity of care and has demonstrated clinical outcomes exceeding national standards.” Additional perks: A 24-hour visitation policy, twice-a-day visits from care teams led by cardiac surgeons and lower mortality.

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