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Dome - How Do You Handle Winter Doldrums?

February 2010

How Do You Handle Winter Doldrums?

By: Ilyssa Yousem
Date: February 4, 2010

Roving Reporter: Coping with Winter Doldrums

Jean Chornock, Dorothy Brillantes and Melanie Lukesh
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Jean Chornock, Dorothy Brillantes and Melanie Lukesh

Jean Chornock
Purchasing manager
Suburban Hospital

I try to tackle a project at home—paint a room, reorganize a closet, move furniture. That gives me a fresh feeling. I like to find and cook healthy comfort meals when the cold keeps me inside.  And planning my spring flower or vegetable garden makes me feel like warmer weather is right around the corner.

Dorothy Brillantes
Senior vice president Human Resources
Howard County General Hospital

I try to schedule a dance lesson during a mid-week evening, take a long walk on the weekend, cut back on sweets and add more protein and vegetables to my diet. Together they keep my energy and spirits up and avoid adding extra pounds.

Melanie Lukesh, R.N.
Emergency Acute
Care Center
Johns Hopkins Hospital

I go home to California as much as I can. I also work out regularly and get enough sleep. It is a challenge getting enough sleep because I work half night shifts.

Beatrice Mudge
CT imaging manager
Department of Radiology
Hopkins Hospital

This winter, although colder and snowier, has been much better to deal with since we purchased a beach house in west Ocean City, Md. Our view includes the marsh, Sinepuxent Bay, Assateague Island and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s close enough to escape to our quiet resort and relax and enjoy the changing landscape. The tides come in and out, so the marsh is always changing. We are looking forward to the spring, but even the winter months have offered a change of view from Baltimore that we really enjoy.

Anna Nidecker, M.D.
Assistant professor, Division of Neuroradiology
Hopkins Hospital

I crawl into bed and pray for spring. I also try to instigate snowball fights with my husband and go running in the snow, which is dangerous due to typically poor traction, but actually helps more than the denial method.

Lenard Hill
Security officer
Hopkins Hospital

I make my job as fun as I can. When I greet people at the main entrance, I know they’re feeling cold, and not just from being outside. I try to be encouraging and joke with them. First I’ll say, come on in from the cold! A few weeks later, if I see them again, I ask how they’re doing and try to help them stay positive. When I cheer people up, it cheers me up.

Bonnie Krizek
Executive secretary Community Relations
Johns Hopkins Bayview

I try to get out more by visiting friends, shopping or taking short trips. My favorite thing to do is curl up on the couch under a warm blanket and watch American Idol. I love watching the auditions! They always make me laugh!

Jocelyn McCarty
Senior staffing specialist Human Resources
Johns Hopkins Bayview

I beat the winter blues by working up a sweat making snow angels with my 6-year-old.

James Cheeks
Security officer
Johns Hopkins Bayview

I don’t really get the blues. But, when I do, I just think about how blessed I am. I have a job and a nice home. I think about the things I do have, not the things I don’t.

—Reported by Ilyssa Yousem