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The Cutting Edge - Let's Meet: Leigh Ann Price

Cutting Edge Winter 2012

Let's Meet: Leigh Ann Price

Date: January 1, 2012

leigh ann price

There is an art to caring for burn patients, says surgeon Leigh Ann Price, one of the most recent faculty additions to the newly formed Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “This field capitalizes on the multidisciplinary approach between specialties like general surgery, critical care and reconstructive surgery.”

That’s one of many reasons why Price, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Medicine, decided to specialize in burn surgery and care. The wide range of challenges, and the skills required to meet them, was another draw. “Burn reconstructive surgery,” she says, “challenges you to try and make something more functional or normal in appearance. It’s one of the most academic learning specialties.”

That “always learning” aspect of burn surgery also increased the appeal of Bayview and Johns Hopkins for Price. “This hospital is cutting edge,” she says, “and it has a depth for research.”

Price completed her general surgery residency at Baystate Medical Center, a Tufts affiliate in Springfield, Mass., followed by a burn fellowship at Hopkins. She also recently completed a combined plastic and reconstructive surgery program based both at Hopkins and at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Her wide-ranging research interests include immunology, disaster management and prevention, tissue transplant research and systemic responses to burn injury. 

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