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The Cutting Edge - For the Future


For the Future

By: Julie Freischlag, M.D.
Date: June 25, 2013



For the Future

As Johns Hopkins surgeons, we have a responsibility to the patients we treat now and to those of the future. Because, while we are physicians first, we are also teachers, and the students and residents of today will go on to care for the patients of tomorrow.

 We strive to provide our residents with cutting-edge training, from best practices to the latest advancements. In surgery, that means laparoscopic and robotic techniques, which our residents are learning using simulators. We’re also providing high-quality conferences and rounds, and conducting weekly online quizzes.

We’ve introduced the Early Specialty Program, in which residents can declare their specialties. By tailoring the next three years of residency toward that focus, the program—one of only 10 in the nation—helps eliminate the need to spend time after residency on a fellowship.  

We’re doing all of this in the hope that our residents will complete their education confident that they’ve gotten the highest level of training, so that one day, their patients can feel equally sure that they’re receiving the highest level of medical care.