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The Cutting Edge - Cutting Edge Spring 2013

Cutting Edge Spring 2013

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How Islets Stopped the Pain and Returned One Life to Normal
How Islets Stopped the Pain and Returned One Life to Normal


Thanks to the 10-hour procedure performed by Martin Makary, Alison Sarver no longer has to worry about the pain that had once been overpowering.

Articles in this Issue


The Surgeon Speaks


  • Julie Freischlag, Director of Surgery, encourages faculty members to dream big as they develop a strategic plan for the next five years.

Teams at Work: Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cyst Team

  • The Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cyst Team at The Johns Hopkins Hospital comprises six surgeons, a gastroenterologist and experts in imaging and pathology, all working together to diagnose, study and treat pancreatic cysts.

On the Job

  • Much of the surgery department's success depends on the hard work of people operating in the background, not with a scalpel, but from an office, behind a desk, with a computer and a telephone.

Changing Lives Through Research

Those Who Give

Let's Meet: Melissa Camp and Matt Weiss

  • Melissa Camp's draw to breast surgery was personal, while Matt Weiss' decision to specialize in pancreatic, liver and biliary surgery was a result of his residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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