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The Cutting Edge - Let's Meet: Kaushik Mandal and Amy Rushing

Cutting Edge Spring 2012

Let's Meet: Kaushik Mandal and Amy Rushing

Date: March 1, 2012

Amy Rushing
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Amy Rushing

Though he’s fully committed to his work as a cardiac surgeon at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and to his pursuit of a public health master’s degree from the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Kaushik Mandal hopes one day to return to his native India.

“The skills I’ll gain during my tenure at Johns Hopkins will allow me to be a hand and voice for the helpless and voiceless people of my country,” Mandal says. “I want to be a doctor who’s accessible to rich and poor people alike, and who has the means and ability to do the best for his patients.”

That drive, he says, stems from the influence of his father, a retired chief of orthopedic surgery at a prominent medical school in New Delhi. Mandal attended medical school at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi—considered the best medical school in that country—where he also completed a general surgery residency. He later trained in London, then moved—along with his wife and two children—to the United States, where he accepted a residency at Hopkins before joining the faculty as an assistant professor in July 2011.

Like many who pursue surgical careers, Amy Rushing appreciates the ability of surgeons to immediately alter the course of an illness. “Surgery,” she says, “carries risks and complications, but it can cure disease more dramatically than a prescription.”

A graduate of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, where she also completed her general surgery residency, Rushing is a critical care surgeon whose primary surgical interests are in operative trauma and emergency room general surgery in complex or high-risk patients. “My training allows me to not only intervene surgically, but also to perioperatively support the patient’s unstable physiology,” she says. “This is what I find most rewarding—treating some of the sickest patients in the hospital.”

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