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The Cutting Edge - Cutting Edge Fall 2009

Cutting Edge Fall 2009

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How Islets Stopped the Pain and Returned One Life to Normal
How Islets Stopped the Pain and Returned One Life to Normal


Thanks to the 10-hour procedure performed by Martin Makary, Alison Sarver no longer has to worry about the pain that had once been overpowering.

Articles in this Issue


  • When avid marathon runner David Kay was diagnosed with melanoma, he found himself facing a healthcare decision that could have ended his running career.

Surgeon Speaks

  • Surgical oncologist Charles Balch discusses the full groin dissection surgery that saved runner David Kay from melanoma.


  • Director of Surgery Julie Freischlag discusses all the reasons her department has to give thanks this holiday season.

Lets Meet

Changing Lives Through Research

  • Critical care surgeon Elliott Haut strives to lower the rate of pulmonary embollisms and deep vein thromboses at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. So far, it's working.

On the Job

  • As IT manager for the Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery, Diane Alejo has watched the medical field come into the computer age.

Those Who Give

  • When Lawrence Katz died, his family knew the best way to honor him was with a gift to the Johns Hopkins Division of Thoracic Surgery.

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