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Conquest - CRF Research Grant Fill Unmet Research Needs

Making the Connection Update 2009-2010

CRF Research Grant Fill Unmet Research Needs

Date: May 1, 2010

Consider this research started with a CRF Research Grant...

2004:  Investigator Victor Velculescu received seed funding through a CRF research grant. He used the grant to establish high throughput sequencing for cancer genomes, a technology that allows rapid analysis of millions of gene sequences, to begin studying colon cancer gene families. 

  • At the time, there was no Federal, NIH funding available for this type of research.
  • Federal grants are typically not available to develop technologies.
  • Since Velculescu was just beginning his career, he had not yet established a portfolio of research and could not compete against more senior researchers for privatesupport.

2006: This research laid the groundwork that allowed Velculescu and team to become the first to map the entire genetic blueprint for colon and breast cancers.

  • CRF grants launched this research.
  • The CRF fills a niche that other funding sources do not. 
  • There is no replacement for CRF support. Federal funding does not fill this gap.

2010:  Velculescu and team extended their colon and breast cancer genomes research. They developed a personalized blood test that can monitor tumors in individual cancer patients.  The test may also help determine the effectiveness of anticancer drugs and surgery, and monitor patients for recurrence.

  • In just six years, the research yielded clinical applications.
  • Initial support from the CRF allowed the team to make discoveries that made it possible for them to compete for andreceive millions in federal and private grants.

These unprecedented discoveries set the standard by which all cancer gene research is measured. And,  it began with a CRF research grant.

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