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Conquest - CRF Investigators Bring Accolades and Research Dollars to Johns Hopkins and Maryland

Making the Connection Update 2009-2010

CRF Investigators Bring Accolades and Research Dollars to Johns Hopkins and Maryland

Date: May 1, 2010

International Leaders in Epigenetics:  With 341 papers cited a total of 21,384 times Johns Hopkins topped the ScienceWatch list of international leaders in the field of epigenetics research. More than half of these citations were the research of CRF investigators Stephen Baylin and James Herman.  Johns Hopkins was credited with 10,000 more citations than 2nd ranked Harvard.  Other prestigious institutions outpaced by Baylin and Herman were the National Cancer Institute, MIT, the University of Virginia, the University of California, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the U.K.’s University of Cambridge.

The Best Hospital in the Country:  For the 19th consecutive year, the Johns Hopkins Hospital earned the top spot in the U.S. News and World Report annual rankings of more than 4,800 American hospitals.  Cancer was among the specialties helping to earn the hospital its top spot with the Kimmel Cancer Center continuing to rank among the top three cancer centers in the nation.

Dream Team Stands Up to Cancer: CRF investigators Nilofer Azad, Stephan Baylin, Malcolm Brock, James Herman, Anirban Maitra, Charles Rudin and Victor Velculescu were among Kimmel Cancer Center investigators selected for two of five multi-institutional “dream teams” earning more than $6 million in grants for pancreatic cancer and epigenetic research. The grants were given from the $100 million raised by the Stand Up to Cancer telethon.

Scaling Mountains to Cure Breast Cancer:  Leisha Emens earned the Greater Baltimore Area YWCA President’s Award for her work, supported by the CRF, in developing a breast cancer vaccine.  The honor goes to women who exemplify the organization’s tradition of leadership by combining professional excellence with a personal commitment to helping others. Emens has participated in Climb for Hope, a mountain climbing organization that raises money for breast cancer research.  In three years, the group has donated over $400,000 to her breast cancer vaccine research, speeding up the research and allowing Emens and team to move it to patients six months sooner.

A Business Partnership:  The Alliance, a group of business executives who assist Johns Hopkins faculty in commercializing inventions, awarded CRF investigator Anirban Maitra $50,000 for his work in the new science of nanobiotechnology to develop a drug delivery system to make cancer drugs more efficient at killing cancer cells and less toxic to normal cells.

A Distinguished Professor: CRF investigator Michael Carducci became the first inaugural recipient of the AEGON Professorship in Prostate Cancer Research.  Endowed professorships are established with a donation of $2 million which generates investment income that becomes a permanent source of research funding.

CRF Investigators Win Honors:

  • Stephen Baylin received the Kirk A. Landon-American Association of Cancer Research Prize for basic and translational cancer research for his pioneering work in epigenetics.  The prize is considered one of the most prestigious international awards in cancer research.
  • Thomas Kensler was awarded the 16th annual American Association for Cancer Research-American Cancer Society Award for Research Excellence in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention for his work developing and implementing practical and effective approaches for protecting people against environmentally-induced cancers.
  • Victor Velculescu won the 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award in Cancer Research from the American Association of Cancer Research.  The award recognizes young investigators who have made significant cancer discoveries.  In 2008, Velculescu received the Judson Daland Prize of the American Philosophical Society for outstanding work in patient-oriented research.

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