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Conquest - CRF Inventions to the Marketplace

Making the Connection Update 2009-2010

CRF Inventions to the Marketplace

Date: May 1, 2010

Inventions by CRF investigators are moving discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace:

  • An epigenetic test for colorectal cancer risk developed by Andrew Feinberg is licensed to Orion Genomics
  • Two research tools invented by Ben Ho Park for breast cancer discovery have been  licensed to Horizon Discovery
  • Patents are pending for Victor Velculescu’s first ever analysis of the tyrosine phosphatome, genes known to be good therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer
  • A novel therapeutic approach by Shyam Biswal addressing treatment resistance and tumor progression has been optioned to Quark and patents are pending in the U.S. and Canada
  • A patent is pending for Mary Armanios’ genetic test of telomere-associated genes. Telomeres are tiny protective caps on the end of chromosomes.  Shortened telomeres have been linked to cancer.

Other technologies developed by CRF investigators, include therapeutic compounds that block a cancer-related gene pathway called Nrf2, LigAmp, a sensitive test for detecting certain gene mutations, and a handheld patient education and decision support tool.

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