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Faculty Support

By: Valerie Mehl
Date: March 21, 2011

CRF Ignites Cancer Research Careers

CRF support plays an important role in the early research of young cancer investigators.  Providing them seed funding early in their careers, these scientists are able to establish a body of research and successfully compete for additional public and private funding.  Former CRF grant recipients, including Victor Velculescu, James Herman, Shyam Biswal, and Elizabeth Platz have become leaders in the fields of cancer genetics, epigenetics, and cancer prevention and control.

2011 Recipients:
James Yager, Ph.D., received CRF support in 2009 to develop an animal model that resembles human breast cancer.  With continued funding in 2011, he is studying how estrogen metabolism can alter gene expression and lead to breast cancer. 

Christine Chung, M.D., is using molecular genetic information to develop targeted therapies for head and neck cancer.

Hans Hammers, M.D., Ph.D., is deciphering the mechanisms of antiangiogenesis treatment-resistance.  These therapies work by cutting off the blood supply to tumors, and he is developing novel treatments for prostate and kidney cancers.

Hao Wang, Ph.D., is making much-needed advances in biostatistics, managing unusual data types related to cancer research to guide clinical investigators with clinical trial and biomarker development and population-based research.