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Conquest - A Note from the CRF Directors

Conquest 2013: Turning Research into Results and Results into Revenue
Issue No. 2013

A Note from the CRF Directors

Date: March 3, 2013

The success of Johns Hopkins in pioneering medical discoveries and treatment breakthroughs is well documented and understood. The State of Maryland has been our partners in this progress throughout the last decade through the Cigarette Restitution Fund (CRF). We appreciate how steadfast our elected officials have been in protecting these funds and, despite difficult economic times, restoring them to historic levels. They recognize the vital role our institution plays, not only in advancement of medicine, but also in the economic health and growth of Maryland.

Our contributions go far beyond the important work at the bench and the bedside. The Johns Hopkins University is the leading private employer in the state. As you will read in this report, relatively small grants made  possible through the CRF provide salary support and allow us to bring bright new talent to the Kimmel Cancer Center. With this support, we help these young scientists establish their careers and compete for larger, national grants. These funded investigators hire technicians, administrative and clerical staff. They purchase equipment and service from Maryland vendors, invent new products, and start new companies. Moreover, the
jobs created are ones that spark opportunity, are secure, and provide health insurance, education, and retirement benefits. The return on investment, in the form of salaries from job creation and tax revenue, far exceeds the state’s original investment.

Whether people come to Maryland to take advantage of unique job opportunities or to receive cancer care that may not be available anywhere else, they contribute significantly to Maryland’s economy. Patients and families do not just buy healthcare in our state, they stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and shop at our stores.

Perhaps the best way to fully appreciate Johns Hopkins’ contribution to Maryland and its citizens is to imagine our state without it; consider the human and financial impacts this would have. For certain, we appreciate the funding we have received through the Cigarette Restitution Fund and are grateful to our elected officials who have so diligently worked to maintain this program. The partnership between Johns Hopkins and the state of Maryland is a win-win. CRF support is not only good for Johns Hopkins. It is good for Maryland.

William G. Nelson, M.D., Ph.D.
Marion I. Knott Professor and Director
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

John D. Groopman, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Bloomberg School of Public Health

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A Note from the CRF Directors