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Conquest - A Personalized Colon Cancer Test

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A Personalized Colon Cancer Test

Date: April 20, 2010

A Personalized Colon Cancer Test

Colon cancer is curable nearly all of the time if it is detected early. While
colonoscopy is effective at detecting early cancer, it is an invasive test with
some risks and, therefore, people often do not take advantage of the test.

CRF investigator LUIS DIAZ, M.D., has developed a simple, inexpensive blood
test that detects fragments of DNA shed by colon cancer cells into the bloodstream.
The test not only detects the presence of tumor, but tracks its progress.

The test is currently being tested in colon cancer patients. Once proven, it can be
used to detect the DNA of virtually all solid tumors.
Ushering in the era of personalized medicine, this test should save both lives and
money by helping clinicians separate those patients who need additional tests and
procedures from those who do not as well as distinguishing those who will benefit
from adjuvant chemotherapy from those who do not need additional treatment.

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