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Cardiovascular Report - Cardiovascular Report Spring 2009

Cardiovascular Report Spring 2009

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Duke Camerorn sits in front of a model of a heart wearing a white shirt and red tie.

Articles in this Issue

Cardiac Surgery


  • Cardiologist Theodore Abraham has seen his share of young patients with HCM. The inherited condition, which causes thickening of the heart’s wall muscle, is the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in people under age 30.

Vascular Surgery

Inherited Cardiac Disease

  • Ten years ago, a diagnosis of cardiac amyloid was a near-certain death sentence, its perpetrator often the rogue misfolding of certain proteins that cause organ failure. Since then, says cardi­ologist Dan Judge, most efforts have been focused on identifying the type of amyloid in order to make better treat­ment decisions.

Research Notes

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Mary Ann Ayd, managing editor