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Breast Matters - Lillie Shockney Leads Expanding Initiatives for Cancer Survivors

Recruiting World Class Physicians
Issue No. 2

Lillie Shockney Leads Expanding Initiatives for Cancer Survivors

Date: August 20, 2012

Lillie Shockney, R.N., M.A.S., has been tapped to serve in a leadership role at the Kimmel Cancer Center to expand initiatives for cancer survivors. With the ever growing number of people living with cancer, the Cancer Center has made integrated programming to address the issues this population faces a main priority.

Shockney, a two-time breast cancer survivor and nurse, has served as the administrative director of the Johns Hopkins Avon Breast Center for more than a decade and was awarded the “Outstanding Nurse Award” sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, from among thousands nationwide. Shockney will continue in her role as the director of Johns Hopkins clinical breast cancer programs. Among her passions is focusing on programs that address the unique needs of breast cancer survivors. She has a special interest in patients with metastatic disease – a group often overlooked – but one that will increase in numbers as
better treatments lead to longer term survival.

Among the activities she’ll oversee in her expanded role will be the development of extensive Web-based resources for patients and caregivers and medical education programming for health care providers caring for all tumor types. “Programs for cancer survivors have always been a part of what we do at the Kimmel Cancer Center,” says Terry Langbaum, chief administrative office for the
Center, “ but with Lillie’s leadership, we are positioned to deepen our expertise.

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