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The Newsletter of the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Winter 2017

Aging Brains, Stress and Alzheimer’s: A Correlation?

New research finds the aging brain more susceptible to cognitive effects of stress, potentially increasing Alzheimer's disease risk.

Winter 2017

Reducing Restraints for High-Risk Youths

Modeling a proven prevention strategy to reduce disciplinary action used in schools nationwide, Elizabeth Reynolds and colleagues have been able to reduce the use of restraints—leading to a marked decrease in incidents on hospital units.

Winter 2017

Of Protein, Neurodegenerative Disorders and Schizophrenia

New study finds evidence of protein bonding problems in patients with neurodegenerative diseases and schizophrenia—offering hope for developing therapeutic targets across diagnoses.

Winter 2017

Managing Chronic Pain in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: Beware of Opioid Effect

New study finds that long-term use of opioids in these patients can lead to greater pain sensitivity.

Winter 2017

Shedding New Light on the Role of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Schizophrenia

A special issue of Schizophrenia Research, edited by Johns Hopkins psychiatrists, reveals emerging insights on inflammatory alterations in the pernicious malady.

Winter 2017

New Books by Faculty Members

Johns Hopkins psychiatrists publish a book on antidepressants and another on involuntary psychiatric care.